Saturday, August 4, 2012

English Translation: Jess Lee Jia Wei 李佳薇- I'm Beautiful

In the dark, I’m afraid, terrified and lost
Stretching out my hand,(to this) freely moving wind
It is getting more and more blurry, it is as if/like  I'm quicksand  
Allowing the cold wind to blow me away

Running with no direction,Running with no direction,  (Blindly running, Blindly running)
I can’t breathe
Can’t catch that dim light
Suddenly there's strength and bright light (that) instantly bursts forth from chest
Actually the brightest light
Is the deepest place in my heart
Let both my arms become wings
Flying past/through all the darkness and sorrow
I realize I am who I am
I am Beautiful 

*Note: this is our rough translation, we would be glad to hear any suggestions to the lyrics. Thanks and enjoy the song!!

Chinese/pinyin lyrics here : jess lee i'm beautiful

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  1. Hi ..can you translate Cantonese songs as well?? I would like to understand Gin Lee - 廢話少說 and Falling more. Thanks.