Tuesday, February 7, 2012

English Translation of 胡夏Hu Xia- Ai Dou Shi Dui De愛 都是對的 (Love is always right) lyrics

How long does it take so that I will be alright
There’s so many difficult paths to take
Walking till thirsty, till tears are dried up
What will people realize  (then)

Memory  is like a reporter
It will dig up loneliness that are unknown to others
Each person’s past
Stays in the heart
Just like a orphan after it passes

Who can remember, the one before who made you heart broken  
Looking at the moonlight/ river  which became a desert
Many have been deceived
But still insist that its worth it
(that) Love is always right
Who has forgotten, the rules about love
Two persons strolling may become  a person crying on the streets
The memory of being abandon
Is floating/drifting on the road
( Sigh..People are the same, far from happiness
The one who gets selected by love will be the next in line)

Hei ,history repeats itself, and I  love (another) again
Many of the conversations are similar
The past me , is still around
Love will have many episodes thereafter

Life, is in circles
Love, like a person in the past, is smiling bitterly as time passes
Wasting a lifetime of  longing
In the end, only understand that what/some things should be cut off/let go (from life)  

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